Basics Edit

Abo is a character from the Dragonball z movie : Yo Son Goku and his friends return! He is an alien but his race and planet are unknown. Edit

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Family Edit

Kabo = Brother/Fusee

Frieza = Boss

History Edit

He and Kabo were solidiers in Friezas army until of course Frieza was killed by Goku and Trunks. They were ranked as high as the Ginyu Force as Vegeta claimes. He appears 2 years after Kid Buu was killed. He and Kabo chased Tarble and his wife Gure off of a remote star they call home. Abo and Kabo came to Earth in saiyan pods while chasing Tarble and Gure. When they get there they first fight Trunks and Goten. After almost losing to them the fuse into Aka. That influenced Trunks and Goten to fuse into Gotenks and then another fight begins. Then after Aka beats Gotenks, Goku and Vegeta want to fight. But Goku tricks Vegeta and he ends up being able to defeat Aka.

Power Edit

During the Frieza saga they were as strong as the Ginyu force. Now they are about as strong as Frieza 1st form so they're power level is about 530,000

Abilities Edit

Cloning- Can split into multiple copies to fight

Flying- Can fly while using ki

Fusion- Can fuse with Kabo to make Aka