Fusion is the process of fusing 2 beings together. Combining them and their attributes together. When done right then the 2 have a stronger power level than each of them on their own. Right now we know of 6 ways to fuse.

Fusion types Edit

Namekian Fusion Edit

Namekian fusion is when 2 namekians join together. It is also the first fusion seen in the series. It is more like absorbing than fusing because 1 namekian goes into the others body and gives all his power, knowledge ect. The 2 then usually agree that the stronger of them should be the host. Then the host places a hand on the others chest and the " fuse."

This is used twice in the series and Piccolo is the host both times. The first time Piccolo and Nail fuse on Namek before fighting Frieza. The second time he fuses with Kami on Earth before fighting Cell in Gingertown. The result is a massive power boost. Before the fusion Piccolo lost to Android 17 in one punch but after fusion could fight evenly with him and even outmatch him. The other can also speak to the host from inside.

In the video game Dragon Ball Z: Super Saya Densetsu, Piccolo can choose to fuse with Maima and Tsumuru when he first gets to Namek. Also if the player wants Dende can be fused with too. In Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, Piccolo fuses with King Piccolo and the fusion is enough to make his power match Super Buu.

Known Users Edit

Piccolo + Nail = Piccolo